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3 Creative Ways To Bring Attention To Your Music

1. 100 Loyal Followers > 10,000 Fake Followers

It's better to have 100 loyal followers than to have 10,000 fake followers. If you post a snippet on Instagram and have 100 loyal fans to start with & they all tag 3 people, that equals 300 potential new fans. On the other hand, if you have 10,000 followers and only 10 people comment it makes your ratio look fake and looks like you have no momentum and that's huge for gaining a following.

2. Release Consistently & Compound Momentum

Once you have created enough quality content post consistently on Soundcloud and Youtube weekly & accumulate a loyal fan base from scratch but make you have an established sound and something that makes people want to spread you through word of mouth and social media sharing.

3. Geotag Your Show

When you have a show, buy a geotag on Snapchat and then tell your fans to use it and send it to you. You can make it a contest and pick a winner out of the people that send it to that Snapchat, which can be a new Snapchat just for that contest. The winner could get something signed, a meet and greet really anything you think your fans would value.

All you need to do is just scale up from there and keep posting quality content

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Remember to stay consistent!

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