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Are You Making Your Music Accessible?

Make a Spotify / Youtube Playlist

Making playlists available to your fans promotes longer sessions of listening. Be sure to add a link to your bio, or actively promote how to find your playlist so your fans can easily chill and listen

Why Youtube Playlists?

The reality is, not all your fans will be able to afford to pay for streaming platforms, which is why youtube is great for making music accessible.

Use Your Bio Link:

Use platforms like or to easily create beautifully presented links to playlists, new releases, ETC. In a world of convenience, fans need access to your music fast. If they can't find a way quick, you've lost an existing, or potential fan.

This is what Artist Link's looks like

Speak to your fans:

Use things like your captions, or video descriptions on Youtube to explain to fans where to find your music. Youtube descriptions are great because you're able to provide links to playlists or other songs. If someone stumbles across your music and loves it, they'll want more! Always think of ways to make your music more accessible.

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