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Production Credits for Drip Harder

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Executive produced by @turbothegreat

Production Credits:

1. Off White VLONE (Ft. Lil Durk & @turbothegreat

2. Business Is Business @turbothegreat

3. Belly @turbothegreat

4. Deep End @ayethatsquay

5. World Is Yours @wheezyx5 x b racks

6. Underdog June James x @turbothegreat x @wheezyx5 x @ramyonthebeat x @mattazikmuzik

7. I am @ayethatsquay

8. Seals Pills @yungjet10 (playmaker)

9. My Jeans @wheezyx5 x @turbothegreat

10. Style Stealer @turbothegreat x playmaker

11. Close Friends @turbothegreat

12. Drip Too Hard @turbothegreat

13. Never Recover @turbothegreat x @1taykeith

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