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Full Production Credits for Artist 2.0

Full Production Credits Artist 2.0


Recorded By: @matik.AM

Mixed By:

Mastered By: @chris_athens_masters


1. It's Crazy (Ft. Melody Valentine Dubose) @Santinomusik x @mosaicmusic.log

2. Bleed @therealsdot x @joefromyo

3. Till the Wheels Fall Off @therealsdot x @joefromyo x @mattyspatsmusic

4. 7 Mac 11's @therealsdot

5. Secrets @therealsdot x @mosaicmusic.log

6. Memories @dlobeatz

7. Act Like That @jahaansweet

8. Into It @joefromyo x @dlobeatz

9. Talk About It @joefromyo x @dlobeatz x @jaerozo x @saintmino x

10. Streets Don't Love You @jahaansweet x @nataliyax_

11. Reply (Ft. Lil Uzi Vert) @Joefromyo x @gogrizzly

12. Mood Swings @wheezyx5

13. King of My City @boi1da x @therealsdot x @dlobeatz x @joefromyo

14. Luv Is Art (Ft. Lil Uzi Vert) @sephgotthewaves x @joefromyo x @dlobeatz

15. Right Back @hitmaka x @gogrizzly x @billboardhitmakers x @rockstarsquat

16. Big Shit @murdabeatz x @soolgothits

17. R.O.D. @joefromyo x @ttaxdi x @therealsdot x @boi1da x @youngkio

18. Blood on My Denim @joefromyo

19. Good Girls Gone Bad @jahaansweet x @joefromyo x @dlobeatz

20. Another Day Gone (Ft. Khalid) @rance1500 x @khirye90 x @deniskosiak

21. Calm Down (Bittersweet) (Ft. Summer Walker) @londonondatrack x @dezwright

22. DTB 4 Life @joefromyo x @sephgotthewaves

23. Hit 'Em Up (Ft. Trap Manny) @joefromyo x @dlobeatz x @sephgotthewaves x

24. Stain (Ft. DaBaby) @gogrizzly x @rockstarsquat x @poohyouafool

25. Numbers (Ft. Gunna, London on da Track & Roddy Ricch) @dezwright x @londonondatrack

26. Might Not Give Up (Ft. Young Thug) @nickmira_

27. Me and My Guitar @louisbellmusic x @thisiswatt

28. Cinderella Story @jahaansweet x @westenweiss x @iam_c_lang x @aubrey_devon

29. Thug Love @therealsdot x @londonondatrack x @mattyspatsmusic

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