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Full Production Credits For Lil Yachty's Lil Boat 3

Full Production Credits For#LilYachty

New Album #LilBoat3

Recorded By:@gentmemishi_+

Mixed By:@mixedbytillie

Mastered By:@colin_m_leonard


1. Top Down @earlonthebeat

2. Wock in Stock @mitchgonemadx@lilyachty

3. Split / Whole Time@earlonthebeat

4. T.D @iam30rocx@lilyachty

5. Pardon Me @mikewillmadeitx@daonlymarz

6. Demon Time @childboyy

7. Black Jesus @jetsonmadex@freekvanworkumx@itsnicklusx@bigjoefromthecoast

8 From Down Bad @earlonthebeat

9. Love Jones@mitchgonemadx@earlonthebeat

10. Can't Go @earlonthebeat

11. Oprah's Bank Account @earlonthebeatx@lilyachty

12. Range Rover Sports Truck @pierrebourne

13. Lemon Head @kswisha

14. Don't Forget @iam30rocx@ghostrage

15. Up There Music @earlonthebeat

16. Westside @buddahblessthisbeat

17. Till The Morning @Dykrazyx@abazmusicx@xplosivebeats

18. Whew Chille @earlonthebeat

19. Concrete Boys @iam30rocx@2.epik

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