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How to Submit to Music Blogs

Ready to submit to blogs? The first thing you should consider is what blogs you are sending to.

We recently made a list of potential blogs you can reach out to, Click here to view

Don't let this list limit your search for more blogs though.

1. Make sure you follow the submission guidelines. This is #1 because if you don't follow the guidelines your submission will likely be ignored and discarded

2. Use a link instead of uploading a separate file, this saves time for the bloggers as well as brings traffic to your link if they choose to repost it on their SoundCloud. The easier you can make it, the better – it’s time-consuming to Google everything. The industry-standard format is to include the full URLs (Spotify(dot)com/artist-link instead of artist link), just because clicking links in emails is known to be kind of sketchy.

3. Personalize your submission, Include the editor's name

Include a section about your appreciation for the blog’s coverage/style, and mention why you think your music is a good fit. Something like, “I love the hip-hop work you guys feature”.

Include a shout-out to a previous article. “Loved your piece on Self Awareness The music I’m sending actually covers similar themes...”

4. Don't copy and paste your emails, I know it would be easier and more efficient it won't be in the long run. Most bloggers can tell a copy and paste email from a genuine email and that will set off the whole vibe, which in turn becomes them not posting you or even listening to your music.

5. Follow up if there is no reply within a few days

Here’s a music blog submission template.

I’m adding this as a starting point. It’s intentionally pretty open-ended because I’m against copy and paste. Please: take the time to customize, as much as you reasonably can.

Hey [editor’s real name], 

You review a lot of cool HipHop artists on [music blog]. I loved the write-up on [artist who was covered], and I think my music is similar because [a good reason]; think it fits really well with the vibe of your site. Here’s a little more info about me: [Artist Name] is [awesome description].  My latest song is [song name]. It’s [awesome description]. Would you be interested in promoting me? Here’s a link to the track on Spotify: Thanks again for the great work you do! Hope to hear from you soon.

-Future You

Make sure you check these things before submitting

Spell their name correctly

Send streaming links before sending files

If they feature you make sure you support their blog

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Remember stay consistent!

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