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Production Credits for MyTurn

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Full production Credits Below For Lil Baby’s New Album #MyTurn


Recorded By: @mattazikmuzik

Mixed By: @mixedbytillie


1. Get Ugly @atljacob

2. Heatin Up @1quayglobal

3. How @murdabeatz

4. Grace @budda_beats_

5. Woah @1quayglobal

6. Live Off My Closet @twysted_genius

7. Same Thing @taykeith

8. Emotionally Scarred @twysted_genius

9. Commercial @taykeith x @keanubeats x @fabioaguillarr x

10. Forever @twysted_genius

11. Can't Explain @1quayglobal

12. No Sucker @taykeith x @keanubeats x @fabioaguillarr

13. Sum 2 Prove @twysted_genius

14. We Should @wheezyx5

15. Catch the Sun @hitboy

16. Consistent @1quayglobal

17. Gang Signs @djpaulkom x @twhyxclusive

18. Hurtin @1quayglobal

19. Forget That @murdabeatz x @tylerarmes

20. Solid @prodbychichi x @itshagan

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