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The Benefits of Self Awareness & How to Improve it

Self Awareness is a key factor in personal growth and development, it means that you understand and have a clear perception of the attributes of your personality, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and overall behavior. It means you understand and are conscious of and why you do the actions you do and for what purpose you do them for. You realize that you are responsible for your actions. Surprisingly only 10-15% of people are actually self-aware, based on a study by Dr. Tasha Eurich.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths and weaknesses range from minor to major depending on the environment you are in and perspective you accept. An example of this is, imagine you are you're playing the popular football video game Madden 21, you lose once every 1,000 people you play. You could be extremely good at madden and that could be one of your strengths but if you bring that skill into your construction or accountant job that won't be a major strength anymore. On the contrary, if you work in the video game business and you end up placing 1st and winning millions then that becomes a strength again. Become aware of your weaknesses and improve them or become aware of your strengths and put yourself in the right environment.

If you understand the emotional triggers that lead you to procrastinate on your tasks, it will help prevent future occurrences.

Make sure your strengths line up with the environment that best suits them or enhance your weaknesses to improve your environment

Start to identify and write down a list of your strengths and weaknesses

Start with your strengths and ask yourself

What are you good at?

Then write down things that you would like to improve and or struggle with

And lastly, write down the things you are most proud of


Go to people that know you well and ask them for feedback, you could start it something like "Look I'm trying to get some perspective on myself, can I ask you a few questions I also understand and will tolerant any harsh feedback that could be an area of approval

Observe what you do daily that may aline or contradict your self-image because a key thing to realize is the person, and assess correctly. You could think you are a very moral person but if you break down your days and you don't see a lot of moral acts then that might be an area you would like to improve and just need to be more conscious about so you can change your actions to match up with how you would like to see yourself.

Helpful Tips

Keep a journal, when you write your thoughts down on paper your mind becomes clearer and more open to new information and ideas.

Every night write in your journal of your feelings, successes, and failures of the day. This will help you grow and move forward on your achievements faster

One of the main reasons people struggle with self-improvement is because we make a challenge in our head, instead of looking at it as an opportunity to learn new skills or improve our weaknesses.

When we look at situations as an opportunity we tend to put forth more effort and don't just do the bare minimum to finish.

Becoming self-aware is key in creating the life you want

As you self reflect ask yourself

What are your values?

Where did you obtain those values?

What is most important to me right now & why?

What are you doing that is working?

What are you doing that is holding you back?

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Remember stay consistent!

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