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Production Credits for Virgo World

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

#ProductionCredits -

Artist: @liltecca

Album: #VirgoWorld


Recorded By: @jecolmenero

Mixed By: @Alextumay

Mastered By: @chrisgehringer


1. Our Time @jayronbeats

2. Actin Up @cassellbeatsofficial

3. When You Down (Ft. Lil Durk, Polo G) @prodbydeemarc

4. Back it Up @rexkudo x @leonthomas x @prodbyrowan x @sevnthomas x @mikehector

5. Chemistry @onlykndofficial

6. Royal Rumble @keepitz3n x @seanturkmusic

7. Foreign (Ft. NAV) @repko_ x @prodspaceman x @onlycensus x @thetaztaylor

8. Selection @djscheme x @nurimusic x @skrillex x @rexkudo

9. Take 10@ambezza x @prodbyxavi x @tbhits

10. Dolly @brvckz x @c4bombs x @txbitheteenvger

11. Insecurities @nickmira_ x @thetaztaylor

12. Tic Toc @menohbeats

13. Miss Me @kidculture_ x @blakeslatkin x @sam.wish

14. True to the Game(Ft. Guwop Reign) @thetaztaylor x @prodspaceman x @onlycensus

15. Closest to Heaven @thetaztaylor x @rioleyva x @blk_beats

16. Level Up @chekbeatz

17. No Answers @tobiaitch x @evertime

18. Last Call @thetaztaylor x @beatsbytrav x @mjnichols_ x @thecxdy x @frankieontheguitar

19. Out Of Love (Ft. Internet Money) @thetaztaylor x @saintlucabeats x @theskybeats x @repko_

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