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What Causes People to Share Content?

Sharing is a huge part of how successful your content will be and also how fast your content will spread. In this blog, I will discuss the factors that drive people to spread the word. Have you ever paused to consider why people share content in person and on social media? There’s something inside all of us that makes us share, but what is it... and how can you use this to your advantage?

According to a study conducted by psychologists at UCLA, the primary reason people share is to entertain, inspire, and be useful to others.

“Our study suggests that people are regularly attuned to how the things they’re seeing will be useful and interesting, not just to themselves, but also to other people,” the researchers explain. “We always seem to be on the lookout for who else will find this helpful, amusing, or interesting, and our brain data are showing evidence of that.”

There are three main types of shareable content,

Content that creates Utility.

We like to share content that we deem useful or helpful in certain situations. This is one reason “life hacks” became as popular as they did; these are small tricks that make your daily life easier, and because they’re useful, we want our friends and loved ones to share in their application.


It shouldn’t shock you to learn that entertaining pieces of content also encourage us to share. We like to laugh or be amused, and it makes us feel good to share that positive experience with others.


Interesting and inspirational content is also highly shareable. Things that pique our curiosity or stimulate our creativity naturally encourage us to reach out to other people who may end up feeling the same level of interest or motivation.

Remember when creating content make sure that it inspires, entertains, or brings your audience closer together

Evoke strong emotions. Positive emotions work best, but most strong emotions result in higher share volumes.

In my opinion, these are the reasons why people share:

People share to define themselves

Give your readers a surprise. People love to share surprises with each other.

People share to stay connected

People share when they feel a connection

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