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Production Credits For Whole Lotta Red

#ProductionCredits -

Artist: @Playboicarti

Album: #WholeLottaRed

Released: 12/25/2020


Recorded By: #MarcusFitz

Mixed By: @fritzmixed

Mastered By: #CollinLeonard


1. Rockstar Made @wakeupf1lthy x @jonahabraham

2. Go2DaMoon @wheezy x @outtatowntobias

3. Stop Breathing @wakeupf1lthy x @1lukrative x @ssor.t

4. Beno! @outtatowntobias x @1lil88 x @kencarson

5. JumpOutTheHouse @richiesouf

6. M3tamorphosis @wakeupf1lthy x @gab3

7. Slay3r @roarkbailey x @jupiterjube

8. No Sl33p @jonahabraham x @kpbeatz

9. New Tank@wakeupf1lthy x @jonahabraham

10. Teen X @maalyraw

11. Meh @outtatowntobias x @_artdealer_ x @star_boy

12. Vamp Anthem @kpbeatz x @jasperharris

13. New N3on @maalyraw

14. Control @outtatowntobias x @_artdealer_ x @star_boy

15. Punk Monk @wakeupf1lthy x @1lukrative x @prodlucian

16. On That Time @wakeupf1lthy x @ojivolta

17. King Vamp @outtatowntobias x @_artdealer_ x @star_boy

18. Place @pierrebourne

19. Sky @_artdealer_ x @playboicarti

20. Over @_artdealer_ x @playboicarti

21. ILoveUIHateU @pierrebourne

22. Die4Guy @outtatowntobias x @_artdealer_ x @star_boy

23. Not PLaying @_artdealer_

24. F33l Lik3 Dyin @richiesouf x @roarkbailey

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