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Yearly Income Breakdown for Producers

As stated on a music producer will make on average around $46,000 a year

If you make 720 beats a year = 60 beats a month= 2 beats a day

& sell 250 / 720 beats you can easily make over 46K a year


100 Beats sold for $10 Each

100 X $10= $1,000

50 Beats sold for $100 Each

50 X $100= $5,000

50 Beats sold for $300 Each

50 X $300= $15,000

50 Beats sold for $1,000 Each

50 X $1,000= $50,000

& 470 Beats still left to sell

= $71,000 total from 250 beats

Make sure to value your worth and don't bring your prices down just because it doesn't match the budget of some artists that reach out. People will pay what they think you're worth. There is a target audience for every budget range.

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Remember stay consistent!

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